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Amazonian Canopy

The wonders of the Amazonian Canopy. The roof of the world’s rainforest. The vastness of trees, tropical flowers and wild animals. Nature’s beauty, admired by all, yet increasingly endangered by the day. With our Amazonian Canopy Prints, we are exploring the theme of biodiversity and its inevitable connection to Climate Change.

Trillion Trees

Forests cover almost one-third of our planet, yet they are diminishing at an alarming rate, most often due to severe deforestation. The consequences? A disrupted ecosystem, the loss of habitat, the endangerment of wildlife, the decrease of biodiversity. It is critical to make the preservation of our forests a priority and restore as many trees as possible to ensure a healthy planet.

Marvellous Macaw

Birds of a feather flock together. Many of these brilliantly coloured and long-tailed parrots call the luscious Amazon Rainforest their home. But with their home slowly disappearing, the existence of these gorgeous and intelligent birds are put at risk with every passing day.

Sleepy Sloth

These gentle and slow movers have incredible adaptability skills and call the Amazonian tree-top canopy their home. Needless to say, the loss of their habitat is highly threatening to their existence.

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