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Amazonian Canopy

Die Wunder des Kronendach des Amazonas-Regenwald. Das Dach des größten Regenwaldes der Erde. Die Weite der Bäume, tropischen Blumen und wilden Tiere. Die Schönheit der Natur, die von allen bewundert und doch zunehmend jeden Tag bedroht wird.

Mit unseren Amazonian Canopy Prints erforschen wir das Thema Artenvielfalt und ihre untrennbare Verbindung zum Klimawandel.

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Trillion Trees

Worldwide known as a beloved symbol of Australian wildlife, Koala numbers have dramatically decreased in the last years. Now enlisted as ‘endangered’, these Australian natives are suffering from habitat loss, fires and droughts. In fact, the Australian even predicted a possible extinction by 2050 should there be no interventions or changes.

Marvellous Macaw

Claiming the title of the largest of the great apes, gorillas are closely related to humans with 98.3% of their DNA being identical. Sadly, due to poaching, disease, habitat loss and slow reproduction rates, the population of these gentle giants are slowly decreasing.

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Über Meyadey

Being the largest living cat species and an apex predator, tigers are a well-known symbol of nature’s wildlife. However, over the past decade, numbers have started to decline, listing tigers as endangered with a number of subspecies even considered extinct.

Über Meyadey

Despite what their name might suggest, Red Pandas are not related to the giant Panda. What both species do share is a love for bamboo and the threat of poaching and habitat loss which is leaving the Red Panda to be listed as ‘endangered’.

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Sleepy Sloth

Niedzwetzky’s Apple is one of the world’s most endangered fruit trees. In the wild, the tree may reach a height of up to 7.5m with large, magenta-coloured flowers and bright red apples. The apple’s red pigment is even thought to have medicinal properties. The last remaining Niedzwetsky Apple trees can be found across Central Asia.

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