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Savanna Seasons

Patches of grass mixed with low-growing shrubs and widespread trees, a mix between forest and desert, that’s our typical savanna. Through our Savanna Seasons prints, we are exploring this unique environment. Although its rich biodiversity can survive and thrive during the most extremes of seasons, it is increasingly threatened with every day.

Savanna Woodland

Scattered trees creating an open canopy that allows enough light to come through to support the growth of grass. These unique conditions have brought forward an incredible ecosystem and with it, rich and diverse fl ora and fauna and wildlife that have truly stood the test of time by acquiring impeccable adaptation skills. But now, it is human-induced climate change that is challenging and threatening the existence of this ecosystem.

Elephant Clan

With their trunks and tusks and large ears, elephants are easily recognisable all around the world. However, the list of threats endangering the world’s largest land animals is far from small. From ivory trade and poaching to habitat loss, this once very common species is slowly diminishing. 2.jpg

Roaming Rhino

Successfully brought back from the brink of extinction, it is due to tireless conservation efforts and a ban on rhino horn trade that the population of rhinos is reaching stability again. Yet, poaching is still a constant threat to these grazing animals who have shaped the African landscape for millions of years.

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