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Sustainable Initiatives

The vision of a better tomorrow is the main driver for all we do here at Meyadey. But change doesn't come from empty words and promises - change comes from taking action. Both, individually and collectively. Learn more about our initiatives and projects on this page.

Slow Fashion Philosophy

At Meyadey, we are fully committed to the Slow Fashion Philosophy. We are devoted to being a constant work-in-process in order to keep learning and making the best decisions for our planet.

Rethinking Seasons and Collections.

We are aiming to move away from regular seasons and collections and make it our mission to raise more awareness around the wider topic of Climate Change. This is done both through our print designs as well as our partnership with the Swedish NGO Milkywire. Overall, you can expect a total of 24 print designs per year, with one delivery containing six prints.

Creating a Slow and Sustainable Basic Range.

We do not follow trends nor do we aim to create new items on a constant basis. We believe in what we design. So much so, that we are not planning on making any big changes to our basic range in the upcoming years, apart from possible small tweaks and updates.

Focusing on fair and made-to-order Production.

Our production is the heart of it all. On one hand, as a GOTS-certified brand, you can be assured that our factory in India is working under fair and decent working conditions and are paid fair wages. On the other hand, we only produce what you order in an effort to reduce waste as much as possible.

Our Factory


All of our clothing is ethically and fairly made in India by CMV Global Clothings. We have a special partnership with our factory as they have been founded at the same time as our sister brand Maxomorra.

The factory is GOTS certified and employs around 300 workers of which 80% are female. For all of them, we ensure that they are paid living wages as opposed to minimum wages. 

Furthermore, the factory is fully running on clean and renewable energy. Since 2019, solar panels have been installed as another step to becoming carbon neutral.

GOTS Certification

As a sustainable brand, we do what we preach. To us, part of being a sustainable brand is being a GOTS-certified brand. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is considered the leading standard in the sustainable fashion industry. 


Having a GOTS certification means that every single step we take is put under scrutiny by an independent certification body. For instance, strict rules have to be followed regarding the organic cotton we are using as well as non-toxic chemicals and dyes that neither harm the environment nor the people that come in contact with them, providing decent and fair working conditions, paying living wages for everyone in the chain and much more.

In short, all aspects of sustainability are taken into account by GOTS, which includes both the ecological and the social side of things.

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Digital Printing

Everything you find at Meyadey is printed digitally. While there are many ways of printing fabric, digital printing is proven to be better for the environment as it requires much less ink, water, energy and time. In comparison to conventional rotary printing, printing digitally can save almost 40% of CO2eq. This helps us to achieve a lower manufacturing footprint and is another step for us towards becoming as sustainable as possible.


Plastic-free Packaging

Single-use plastic packaging is one of the main culprits of plastic waste found in nature. To support our vision of a better tomorrow, our Meyadey packaging is fully plastic-free and made of 100% sustainably and responsibly sourced paper from renewable resources.


You can join our efforts and support a circular economy by recycling our packaging once it isn’t serving you anymore. As our protective bags are made from paper they are guaranteed to be fully recyclable and biodegradable.

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