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About Meyadey

The sound of sweet laughter, a sprinkle of pure imagination mixed with a delightful dance of playfulness - that’s what Meyadey is made of. Following our inner artist’s spirit and heart, Meyadey celebrates the uniqueness and creativity of our joyful children. Through the combination of fun, artistic and hand-drawn prints mixed with calm and gentle colours, Meyadey embodies authenticity and sincerity.


Meyadey is a Swedish children’s wear brand that was founded in 2019 as the sister brand of the globally known and loved brand Maxomorra. The founder, Johan Ström, felt the urge to create something slightly more sophisticated that would contrast the loud and extroverted energy of Maxomorra. As a result, Meyadey was born. Inspired by his daughter’s name Meya and the Swedish words for ‘me’ (mig) and ‘you’ (dig), it is a play on words, symbolising unity, individuality and friendship.


Similar to our sister brand Maxomorra, Meyadey’s values and commitments are rooted in sustainability and honesty. Every single product is carefully considered, starting from the initial sketches to selecting the fabrics, printing and sewing. As a GOTS certified brand, every step we take is as environmentally and socially friendly as possible. As much as we care for our products to be of the highest quality, our goal is to create affordable and stylish premium products.


It was a very organic decision for us to design hand-drawn prints. Any idea always starts with a rough sketch on a piece of paper. But instead of refining and perfecting them, we fell in love with the quirky yet down-to-earth feel. We want our designs to be light-hearted and have a human touch that shows that everything we are doing comes straight from our heart.