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About Meyadey

Meyadey is a brand for little changemakers, trailblazers and earth savers. Learn more about our brand here and join our community of changemakers.

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Meyadey was originally a passion project to explore a softer and more artistic look that would contrast the loud and extroverted energy of its beloved sister brand Maxomorra. Its original inspiration lay in the innocence and joy of children - the sound of sweet laughter, a sprinkle of pure imagination mixed with a delightful dance of playfulness.


However, after its novelty has worn off, we were left with many big questions. Why are we doing what we are doing? What do we want to achieve in this world? While diving deeper into these questions, one thing became evident: something had to change.


Three years after its creation, Meyadey was completed rebranded in 2022. Fuelled by a clear direction and mission, this step allowed us to focus on what is truly dear to our hearts - and that is the vision of a better tomorrow.

Our Vision


Meyadey is more than just a clothing brand - we are a community of changemakers.


We don’t just want to create ‘pretty prints’ - we want to use our prints as our voice and our clothes as the carrier of our message. And that’s why, with each print, carefully crafted, we are telling a story that needs to be told.


Our goal is to raise awareness, inspire, and share our vision of a caring and conscious world. Find out more about our sustainable initiatives and partnerships here.

Our Name

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From Meyaday to Mayday to Mayadey - we’ve seen and heard it all since day one. However, there is only one right way to spell us, and that is MEYADEY.


The name for our brand was inspired by founder Johan Ström’s daughter's name Meya. Wanting to stay true to his Swedish roots, Meyadey is also a play on words, reminding of the Swedish words for ‘me’ (mig) and ‘you’ (dig). Our brand name symbolises unity and interconnectedness - the same way as we are all connected to each other and our planet.

Join our Community of Changemakers

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